Google’s Material Design – Unify all user interfaces

This year’s Google I/O announced important changes in the design guidelines, an attempt to unify the User Interface styles for handsets, tablets, desktops and web. Under the name of Material Design, Google reunites both high and low level recommendations, down to specifying view margins and inter-element spacing. The main focus of the Material concept is … Lees meer »

Enabling a geolocation interactive tour with a mobile app

When organizing a tour for visitors, it is often difficult to find the right balance between the amount of information that you want to provide and the time available for the visitors. In an ideal situation, you would like to provide information to each visitor individually, taking into account their specific interests during the tour. We developed a mobile app that makes it possible to provide extra information to tour visitors at a certain specific location.

Customer loyalty via de smartphone in dit digitale tijdperk

De merkbeleving van de consument heeft een grote impact op het koopgedrag. Omni-channel legt de nadruk op een coherente merkbeleving over de verschillende marketingkanalen waarlangs de consument wordt aangesproken. Het aanbieden van een e-commerce website zodat de consument gemakkelijk via de computer over het internet het productgamma kan bekijken en bestellen is meestal de eerste … Lees meer »