Customer loyalty via de smartphone in dit digitale tijdperk

De merkbeleving van de consument heeft een grote impact op het koopgedrag. Omni-channel legt de nadruk op een coherente merkbeleving over de verschillende marketingkanalen waarlangs de consument wordt aangesproken. Het aanbieden van een e-commerce website zodat de consument gemakkelijk via de computer over het internet het productgamma kan bekijken en bestellen is meestal de eerste … Lees meer »

What to do regarding the Heartbleed bug?

How the Heartbleed bug impacts you and what you should do to minimize your exposure. Our security expert Tom Palmaers explained on local TV station TV Limburg. What is OpenSSL Heartbleed? SSL is a communication protocol used to secure data transfers between a user and a website. You can spot the use of SSL whenever … Lees meer »

Web psychology just got sexy – What you missed at Phare Conference 2014 part 4

Nathalie Nahai, the woman who invented the term web psychology, is a true pioneer in the digital world of today. During the Phare Conference, she talked about how to combine psychology with online communication.

How to Make Your Brand Loved on Twitter: What you missed at Phare Conference 2014 part 2

In the previous article we talked about the digital revolution and localisation. Today it’s up to Josh Grau, the Head of Brand Strategy for Twitter. He talked about how companies should be using Twitter. What ‘follows’ next, are some important items every company should know when using social media.

The Minimalist Guide to Digitalisation: What you missed at Phare Conference 2014 part 1

The Phare Conference 2014 in Ghent was a big hit. Pioneers from the digital world gave insight and ideas regarding the future of the internet. Cegeka was present as sponsor of the event. In this blog you can read what these experts talked about.